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Andrew John Bannister

Born in Eastbourne, UK

Lives & works in Dubai, UAE 2006


Architect, Artist, Speaker.   

Mr Elon Musk.. The Captain of a ship may steer her towards his adventure, but as every sea commander understands, when the fair winds turn against him, he must steer a new course...

Putin the bootin... A mans words may mask his intention, but his actions speak volumes...

How can a child, who was once fed from his mothers breast, taught to be respectful and considerate, become an angel of death and destruction... ? Was his mind twisted and turned to hate by those around him, or from his inner perspective of the world around him.

Black plumage, croaking call and a diet of carrion, the Raven is associated with loss and ill omens. And yet the sybolism is complex, it mimmicks us and seems to connect to a darker world..

Mankinds need to own, possess, acquire and take, will eventually lead to the understanding that we were only ever temporary custodians..

When our time has run its course, and we give back the things we have borrowed in life, we will simply cease to be, and in time, in enough time, all will forget us an donly our borrowed atoms will remain, for some other thing to borrow, before that or they ultimately give them back to everything.

Eastbourne college of art and design 1974
Royal Air Force Photographer 1976 to 1982
Architect and designer 1982 present
Artist life long

UK Gov It matters not your orgination, your wealth or your affiliation. It matters most your direction, integrity and passion for good. And if that intent is what is best for all, then do not be swayed by arrogance, lust or greed, but instead, plot your course and be able to steer around or through obsticles.. because, they will surely come.

ER II I met her, I served her, I admired and respected her and I will miss her.

Man added his glue to the sand that once had freedom to create natures art, and now sands rise above us, towering over us, statements of our endeavours, structures that bare witness to our ego and needs, desires and passion.

The logs crackled and spat sparks as if spewing out decades of the suns energy, which was stored in the radial rings of history. Do they complain of release, or rejoice in their freedom ?

You are never to old to be bold

Ambition shared is the common thread to success. AB

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