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ART by andyban

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you will see that I use several techniques in the creation of my artworks.. each is painstakingly applied to create the image that you see and although it is digital

I DO NOT use any A.I. ( artificial intelligence )

but instead, and through years of experimentation, I have created a series of swirls, bubbles and other effects worked on down to individual pixels which can take a lengthy time to achieve.. but worth it I hope... 

Times_Square_3a web.jpg
Museum_Of_The_Future_1 copyright for web.jpg


I apply the same techniques in almost all of my works, but in differing ways.  And as a practicing architect, I have an interest in architecture... and by disrupting the smallest details, which when standing back become the total complete image, you will see how even the most complicated of images, become more real, even though closer up, they are not... impressionist ? abstract ? you make your own mind up...

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