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Welcome.. if you look closely at my art, you will see that I use a disruptive technique of swirls and strokes to alter the image in a unique manner, but when viewed from a distance, it can appear "normal"...


The intent is to create art based on swirls and other techniques, meaning that the closer you view the art, the more disruptive it becomes ( just like in the real world, the closer you are to a situation or relationship, the more you realise that not all is at it may first appear to be ! ).  

Andrew J Bannister

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Over recent years I have switched to digital art, which gives me the flexibility to create many different series and around differing topics.  


I currently have over 46 series and 317 works, some of which you will see on this website. Each series has variations in colour and techniques based around the original 46 plus originals.  If you want to have a commission done for one of your favourite views, buildings, portraits, landscapes.. then please send to me for evaluation and pricing.


I am offering limited editions from 1 to 100 and each work will be hand signed, dated and numbered by myself.


Some of my works will soon be released as NFT's and for those, only the original work can be signed... because for most NFT's I will also produce a physical version which can be held by the purchaser or held in a secure location yet to be determined. 

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