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A little bit about my art

Hi, and welcome to my world of art, something that I have done for many years but only recently decided to share.

All of my art comes from who I am, where I am from. My experiences in life, the way I see the world, the complicated nature of human beings and their actions and deeds...

One of my main themes is to create a popular image, say a iconic building, and disrupt it by using my swirling technique.. so the closer you get to the art, the more disruptive it becomes... eventually all you can see are swirls and blurs... but when you stand back, you can see the original building, landscape, person or indeed anything that I care to take on in that moment when I start a new work.

This is a landscape of the Princess Tower ( with the dome top tallest ) and its sister towers in Dubai. Every element of the scene is transformed into a disruptive swirl, colours are enhanced, even the stars in the sky are not shown as dots, but instead they are twisted and snarled into various shapes and sizes.

My thought pattern for this type of art is simple. As we go through life we often view the world as a wondrous place, full of intrigue and wonderment. People come into our lives and we are full of happy anticipation. The shiny surroundings in architecture and nature herself, can appear to be full of positivity and lovely things.... But.. as we get to know people better, or we probe into the buildings, scenery and nature in closer investigation.. then not all is as we first thought it would be... People can be false and manipulative, buildings can look shiny but do not always work as they should, nature can seem to be a lovely environment, but diving deeper there are stinging jellyfish and poisonous snakes and even plants that fight back.

So, how have I become this negative person who seems to see the worst in everything ? Actually I am not that person, but I am the person who in his later years has experienced through life so many disappointing events that it is indeed a sad world we live in..

BUT.. it does not end on that sad note, because my works are eternally optimistic, and mostly full of colour and energy... and that is because I am an eternal optimist who understands that just as there are bad things in this world, we constantly seek, and many times find, that lovely new friend, that building that delivers its promises, the beach where you can rest in the shade and take a dip in the warm inviting waters, or the forest where the smell of nature herself seems to beckon you into a world away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and you smell the fresh green pine trees, or the allure of a freshly cut pasture. AJB

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