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I can bespoke colours

Most of my art will come as a series of varying colours and sometimes detail differences. 

This is part of how I create and want to portray my works, and although they are offered individually, signed, dated and limited numbered, it is also possible to purchase a complete series as an option.

This is made possible due to the way that I create each work and where once I have created the main image, I can alter it to create a "series"...   Some of these will be only available as NFT's, but those will not be available until later in 2023....   andyban.

Each work in a series is always based on the original and then altered.

It is also possible for some works to be bespoke coloured for you and your needs.

To do this, I need to know what you want me to try to colour to in your setting, and so you will need to send to me photos and basic instruction.  I cannot always do exactly as you may want, as I will not want to destroy the original concept, but if successful, then I am able to coordinate a coloured theme to your designated pace for the artwork....  andyban

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