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How to order

Every artwork sold will be individually made to a size relevant to your needs and location in your home, office, corporate location.

Once you discover from my collection, an artwork that you would like to purchase, I can assist you in the size and placement. Please note that many of my works are issued in different colour schemes... Limited editions will be notified soon... 

If you send to me photos of where you intend to place it in your home, office or corporate building, I can then help you to select the size and type of print, with or without framing, etc.   Alternatively, please check out the options below and submit a request for a price. Do not forget to let me know where the artwork needs to be sent to, so that I can include for packing and sending ( please note that we do not send glass items, but we can send glass if in the UAE... If you need the artwork to be enclosed behind art glass and you need it to be shipped internationally, then it is possible for us to send to you the artwork and you can use a local to you frame company to assist.  

Once you have selected the artwork, and I have helped you to choose the size, print matter and framing, I can then price this for you individually. 

Every artwork is personally signed by Andrew, and given an edition number and date originated. Hopefully, this will add value to the artwork in years to come...    And very soon, I will also be offering physical art connected to an NFT, so that you can be able to resell for profit if you so wish.. that is a volatile market, but we believe it will one day settle and provide better support for artists in their careers.

Please note that some of my works are either sold or awaiting final copyright approvals.  Each work is created by me, and I own the copyright, but where the image may be of a famous person, we need to have authority sometimes before selling.  However, because you can view my work on this site, it gives you the opportunity to commission a work for your self, or maybe even of yourself.. contact me if you want more details...  I hope to hear from you soon... Andrew

Princess tower for web.jpeg

Glass printed

where I print onto crystal tempered glass panels, up to 2mx2m and then fired in an oven to literally melt the image onto the glass. Making it suitable for interior and exterior applications. 

From 5,000aed

Pinch_X3 copyright for web.jpg

Acrylic back mounting

This creates a vivid colour rendition but although acrylic is a tough material, it is not as scratch proof as glass. Depends where it is to be placed

From 1200aed

Shard 1 for webb.jpg

Fine Art Paper

For artworks up to 1.4mx3m, this method gives the finest detail and needs to be mounted and framed.. the quality is designed for interior spaces.

Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Ultra smooth plus other finishes available

From 800aed

BK6 copyright for web.jpg


Mostly we recommend a canvass for very large artworks. The surface is textured.  And we can supply on a roll or stretched onto a frame with optional outer frame if required.

From 800aed per sq m

Burj_Al_Arab_1 copyright for web.jpg

alucobond print

The method offers a fairly robust print as the backing is a layer of aluminium on a composite base. It can be hung as it is but is better when framed..

From 800aed

Skull 2 copyright for web.jpg


Non Fungible Tokens will be introduced this year 2022.

However, they will be applied to selected artworks as digital only and also other artworks as a physical work plus the NFT.. giving better value and onward investment.

Get a Quote

Please contact me and and let know which artwork you would like prices on. Depending on the information sent, this can take between one to a few days.  Please remember to send as much info as possible so that I can better advise you for sizing, placing, framing etc... I do not use an automated process, so you can engage with me to make sure your art is perfect for you and where you want to place it... Thank you.

Thanks for submitting!
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